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3/21/14 Leibster Blog Award Nomination From Tiffany @ Final Diatance 3/21/14 Leibster Blog Award Nomination From Roma @ Pixie Secrets 3/21/14 Affiliate Link Change Mikaela @ Enchanting Fairytale 3/21/14 Affilate Link Change Gemzy @ Fated Love 3/21/14 Affilate Link Change Steph @ Forbidden Amore 3/21/14 Affiliate Link Change Dawn @ Sugar Fall 10/29/13 New Blog Entry 10/29/13 New Affilate Ingrid @ Sky Fall 10/25/13 New Blog Entry 10/24/13 New Blog Entry 10/24/13 New Affilate Madison @ Inhale This 10/24/13 New Affilate Valerie @ Glitter Banjo? 10/24/13 New Affilate Karla @ Awklekioh 10/24/13 New Affilate Ashlei @ Ashlei? 10/24/13 New Affilate Cara @ Infinite Lyts? 10/18/13 My Great Great Grandfather's Funeral 10/17/13 My Great Great Grandfather's Vewing 10/12/13 My Great Great Grandfather Passed Away 8/12/13 New Affilate Mirianda @ Clarity 8/8/13 New Blog Enrty 8/8/13 New Affilate Melissa @ Easy Cash 4 Teens 8/7/13 New Blog Enrty 8/7/13 New Affilate Ryumii @ Ariashii 8/7/13 New Affilate Paige Luise @ My Violent Heart 8/7/13 New Affilate Moni @ AME Reverie 8/4/13 New Blog Enrty 8/4/13 New Affilate Gemzy @ Bedazzling 8/4/13 New Affilate Kathy @ Sinners Never Sleep 8/3/13 New Blog Enrty 8/3/13 New Affilate Britknee @ Dirtyy Sinn 8/1/13 New Blog Enrty 8/1/13 New Affilate Nichelle @ X The Weekend 8/1/13 New Affilate Karan @ Moon Milk 8/1/13 New Affilate Ghislaine @ Pink Blossom 8/1/13 New Affilate Spoorthi @ Spoony 7/29/13 New Affilate Sammi @ Betray the Heart 7/29/13 New Affilate Dee Dee @ Cruumple Lucinda 7/29/13 New Affilate Steph @ Twilight Bliss 7/29/13 New Blog Enrty 7/29/13 New Affilate Mina @ Love Gloss 7/29/13 New Affilate Anna @ Cheers to This 7/29/13 New Affilate Nicole @ Cream Cake 7/29/13 New Affilate Sammi @ Honey Pie 7/29/13 New Affilate Sayla @ Tainted Ink 7/28/13 New Blog Enrty 7/28/13 Joined Ruby Wings Listings 7/28/13 Joined Love Listings 7/28/13 Joined Silencia Rotation Fighting Everyday 7/28/13 New Affilate Emmalee @ Radical 7/28/13 New Affilate Roma @ Pixie Secrets 7/28/13 New Affilate Cassie @ Cassie 7/28/13 New Affilate Ebony @ Little Blu Bird 7/27/13 New Affilate Roxxie @ Star Skull 7/27/13 New Blog Entry 7/27/13 New Affilate Charlotte @ Dead Inside 7/27/13 New Affilate Meaghan @ Faded Aetrna 7/27/13 New Affilate Robin @ Baby Cakez 7/27/13 New Affilate Kimberly @ Urban Metaphor 7/27/13 New Affilate Amy @ FoxTrot 7/27/13 New Affilate Rory @ Jadaakiss 7/27/13 New Affilate Krista @ Sweet Wall 7/27/13 New Affilate Kati @ Pegasi 7/27/13 New Affilate Acid Drop Team @ Acid Drop 7/26/13 New Affilate Kaydee @ Atrocity 7/25/13 New Banner Code 7/25/13 New Button Code 7/25/13 New Blog Entry 7/24/13 New Domain Layout 7/24/13 New Blog Entry 7/24/13 Affilate Sweep 11/16/11 New Blog Entry 10/22/11 New Blog Entry 8/12/11 New Blog Entry 7/26/11 New Blog Entry 4/19/11 New Blog Entry


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March 21st, 2014

I know it has been a long time, I apologize for that. I did not have internet acess for a while, so I was unable to update. Today I will be going through my Affliates, and messages and replying to everyone.
So far we have had two people change sites that would be Dawn @ Sugar Fall, Steph @ Forbidden Amore, Mikaela @ Enchanting Fairytale, Gemzy @ Fated Love.
We have also gotten really cool Christmas Graphics from Dee Dee @ Cruple Lucinda Ebony @ Little Blue Bird Tiffany @ Final Diatance
Along with New Years Graphics from Ebony @ Little Blue Bird

Tiffany @ Final Diatance has nominated me for a leibster blog award.
Questions Tiffany wanted me to answer.
1. Do you have a favorite youtube channel, if so what channel is it?
No, I honestly haven't been on YouTube in years.
2. What is a belief you feel strong about?
Chase after your dreams no matter how big or small, or even how silly they are to other people.
3. What is your favorite kind of animal?
I've always wanted a White Tiger.
4. Five words that describe you.
Creative, Energetic, Different, Outgoing, & Friendly.
5. What is your favorite pizza topping?
Pineapples, I love Pineapples.
6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
Paris, France or New York, New York.
7. What is your favorite show at the moment?
Pretty Little Liars, I can't get enough of that show.
8. What celebrity do you dislike?
Justin Beiber
9. Favorite thing to do in your free time?
Draw, and creating art work.
10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Hopefully, out of college and having a wonderful career for my self.
11. What is a popular food that you dislike?
Bannanas and Strawbeeies, I cant stand either one of them.

Roma @ Pixie Secrets Has also nomiated me for the Lebister blog award.
Questions Roma wants me to answer:
1. how long have you been web designing
Since 6th grade, that's about eight years.
2. what inspired you to blog/make graphics
I wanted to make my own Myspace layouts back when Myspace was big.
3. what do you do for fun offline.
Drawling, and creating art work.
4. what motivates you in life
The majority of the time my freinds.
5. would you ever consider web designing as a profession
Yes, I am actualy thinking about going to school for web design, and graphic design.
6. whats your favourite food
Velveta Macaroni and Cheeze
7. who is your favourite musician
Ronnie Radke, Falling in Reverse former band Escape the Fate.
8. whats your all time favourite movie
The Great Gatsby.
9. whats the biggest lie you have ever told anyone
I told my mother that I dindt have the internet password when I actualy did.
10. have you had your heart broken?
Yes, a few times by guys that i really care about, and still care about.

I want to nominate:
1.Karla @ Awklekioh

My Questions:
1. What is one thing that no one probably knows about you?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. Who was your longest relationship with and how long did it last?
4. What is your favorite out fit?
5. What singer do you currently have a major crush on?
6. What type of computer do you use for your web design, and graphic design.
7. All time favorite song and Why?
8. Who lives in your house?
9. Favorite t.v. show as a child.
10. Nick names that you are called.
11. What is your greatest fear.

October 31st, 2013

We have recived a lot of Happy Halloween Graphics from our affilates, Click on there names to veiw there graphics. Tiffany @ Final Diatance Gemzy @ Be Dazzling Roma @ Pixie Secrets Dee Dee @ Cruple Lucinda Ebony @ Little Blue Bird

October 29th, 2013

Today we have a new affilate Ingrid @ Sky Fall

October 25th, 2013

Today we hav a new Affilate
Gayle @ Xquisite Kisses

October 24th, 2013

I know its been a little overr two months. I apologise for that. There has been a lot of difficult and frustrating things been going on lately. I'm still having some difficlty agreeing with my mother, not a big surprise there. I am currently working two jobs, babysitting my cousin and working at Burger King. My great great granddfather Dick passed away on October 12th, 2013 I had a difficult time at the vewing on October 17, 2013 . As well as the funeral service on October 18th, 2013. IN other news we have in other news we have new affilates. fell free to give a shout out to Madison @ Inhale This, Valerie @ Glitter Banjo, Karla @ Awklekioh, Ashlei @ Ashlei, and Cara @ Infinite Lyts.

August 21st, 2013

Well, this past few days has been a living hell

August 12th, 2013

We have ONE new afaffilate today so give a shout out to Mirianda @ Clarity.

August 8th, 2013

Today we have ONE new affilates so give a shout out to Melissa @ Easy Cash 4 Teens

August 7th, 2013

Today we have THREE New Affies so be sure to give a shout out to Ryumii @ Ariashii , Paige Luise @ My Violent Heart , and Moni @ AME Reverie.

August 4th, 2013

so today has gone by prettty sloly. I had a five hour shift at work today so my feet and knees don't feel the best. It's rather iritating how inflamed my knees get after standing and walking on them for a few hours. However we have TWO new affilates you should give a shout out to Gemzy @ Bedazzling, and Kathy @ Sinners Never Sleep.

August 3rd, 2013

Today I am glad that Thursdays events blew over. Everything seams to be fine with me and my mother. I was able to sleeep in my own bed last night and tonight. I hope nothing else like this comes up again. In other news we have ONE new affilate, Britknee @ Dirtyy Sinn, So be sure to give her a shout out.

August 1st, 2013

Today has been Intersting. I finaly got my cars Tittle & Tags changed out of my mothers name and into mine. I got home and decided to write my friend Michael a letter about how great everything is going for me. He is in the United Sstates Marine Core, so I hoped to hear from him soon. However litttle did I know my day was going to fall into peices. Latter that night my mother kicked me out. I had no place to go so I slept in my car. Witch was rather uncomfortable and not recomended. Today we have Four new affilates. So be sure to give a shout out to Nichelle @ X The Weekend, Karan @ Moon Milk , Ghislaine @ Pink Blossom, and Spoorthi @ Spoony.

July 29th, 2013

Hello Everyone, Tori Renee' Here, todays been an alright day for me. Mostly because I don't have to work today. Witch is a great relif, who wants to stand on there feet for eight or more hours a day anyway. Definatly not me. The down side of today is that my sep-father has my car because his truck 's battrie died. That kinda ruined my plans that I had for today. In other news we have EIGHT new affilates today. So be sure to give a to Sammi @ Betray the Heart, Dee Dee @ Cruumple Lucinda, Steph @ Twilight Bliss, Mina @ Love Gloss, Anna @ Cheers to This, Nicole @ Cream Cake, Sammi @ Honey Pie, and Sayla @ Tainted Ink.

July 28th, 2013

Hello everyone, today has been amazing so far and i've only been up for an hour and a half. I woke up extra extra early for Cat's Pride's Free Litter Caturday I got Sixtey-Six Pounds of free litter. I don't know about you but I love my kitty Sage. Sage is a fat lazy cat, I will be uploading a picture of her to the about the owner section shortly. In other news we have FOUR new affilates. So be sure to send a shout out to Emmalee @ Radical, Roma @ Pixie Secrets, Cassie @ Cassie, and Ebony @ Little Blu Bird. I also joined Ruby Wings Listings, Love Listings, Silencia Rotation, and FIghting Everyday

July 27th, 2013

Today has been pretty good. Wasn't so thrilled about waking up extra early. The MVA is never any fun and all the paperwork to do with my car is just a mess right now. Though I'm not worried about it because it will all be worked out soon enough. Other then my frustration with the MVA today has been been great. Today we got TEN new affilates. So be sure to seend a shot out to Charlotte @ Dead Inside, Meaghan @ Faded Aetrna, Robin @ Baby Cakez, Kimberly @ Urban Metaphor, Amy @ FoxTrot, Rory @ Jadaakiss, Krista @ Sweet Wall, Kati @ Pegasi, The Acid Drop Team @ Acid Drop, and Roxxie @ Star Skull If you want to be affilates or on our button rotation or banner rotation please ask in the chat box. I am also still working on getting the layout up the site so please be patient, I apreciate it, Thank you. :)

July 26th, 2013

Well today is off to a great start. I already have a new affilate Kaydee @ Atrocity! I will be adding even more on to this post later tonight since its early morning. Goodnight!, I hope everyone sleeps sweet.

July 25th,2013

Alright so the revamp is going a little slower then I had orignaly planed. Due to the fact that I haven't gotten all the links up and in the right place yet. So I ask you to plese be patient as I am revaming the site. I promice it will be done real soon. Though I will admit that I feel horrible because its been so long.

July 24th,2013

I am back! I've know that it's been a long long time since I was last able to update the site and I deeply apologise for that. I finaly have more time to update the site more frequently.

November 16th, 2011

I know its been about a month since my last update, I apologize. I'm still trying to find more time to update the site and balance school work. It's been a rough week with everyone getting sick. I'm getting over a cold now myself. If any of you are sick, I'm sorry, and I hope you feel better soon. If it's one thing that I hate the most is being sick. So I know how all of you feel. Well, I hope everyone excited for Thanksgiving. Feel free to leave a message in the chat box, about what your doing for the holiday.

October 22nd, 2011

I know it's been a while, but I'm still working on the site. Feel free to visit our affiliates and leave me a message in the chat-box if you would like. It's rather difficult to balance my school work and updating and making new content for the site I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Hopefully sometime this weekend I will have some new content up. Well Happy Friday.

August 12th, 2011

So this past week has been a busy week, I still haven't quite gotten the layout organized the way that I would like yet. I need to make a few adjustments here and their and that should be done. We have lots of new affiliates, you should go check them out. I have also added a little image with my signature to the site after every update. :D If you would like to be an affiliate or be in our rotation please feel free to ask us in the chat box. I also added a statistics box, and a referees box to the site. Well, that's pretty much about it for today.

July 26th, 2011

Alright, So I was finally able to make a new domain layout. Even though it took me a lot longer then I was expecting it to. Well, I hope that you enjoy the new layout, and I have lots of new content coming soon.

June 19th, 2011

I know it's been a long time since I have updated the site, and I mean a long time. Well I am back! Now that school is out, and summer has started, I should be on the site a whole lot more. Some time in the next week we will have lots of new content, but for now check in with out partners. I'm planing on making Twitter and Formspring themes. I plan to bring new content such as tumblr themes, since tumblr has gotten huge. I will be taking my own personal photography and putting up, along with cute photography that I find. Their will also be lots more, Everything that we have had in the past is still up, check it out and tell us what you think in our chat box. Also, if their is something you want us to offer and make, let us know and I will do my best to add it to the site.

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